Friday 20 April 2018

Party Time @ Al Qamar

While most kids were sweltering in the horrific Chennai heat & swotting for exams, Al Qamarians were partying. Yup! Partying! Remember, they don't have to write exams. Nor do they need to do homework.
Here's the list:
Read-a-thon party for Upper Elementary - for kids who read, read and read during the last 2 months. The highest points for a book were 6 points. So the young man who topped the list with 360 points, read - yes 60 books! Or more. So, our bookworms went off to the Anna Library, spent the day - yes - reading! Followed by a Pizza Party 😋

Read-a-thon party for Lower Elementary - same concept. Kids landed up reading 20-30 books. These guys voted to go for an ice cream party at Baskin Robbins 😍

Ecology Class party - sponsored by Teacher #1 - Tariq Akbar - kids were marched off to Hot Breads for the last class and a Cake & Juice party. 

Science Teacher ice cream party - for the 7th grade - by their science teacher, who felt they were missing out 🤔

Lower Elementary party by the teachers - who just wanted everyone to have fun.😉

And then all this was followed by the *real* end of year party in each environment - with food, games, party favours! 😃

And the nicest thing - the Montessori kids pooled their party money and gifted it to Shanti Akka for her daughter's marriage. 😍

And the final farewell to the 10thers - lunch at Zaitoon!!

*Burp* Al Qamarians !! School with a difference

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