Thursday, 22 March 2018


Nuha joined Al Qamar as a tiny Montessorian and stayed till the end of 2nd grade when she moved to  the US. Here is a brief description of how her al Qamar experience helped her in her new school:

  • Winding up and Cleaning up after has helped me organize and maintain my work.
  • Cursive handwriting helped me get the best handwriting in all my classes.
  • Reading- my reading level is the highest in my class; level X.
  • Geometry lessons helped me understand the concepts quicker.
  • Memorization of surahs helped me in my maktab work.

  • What does she miss about Al Qamar
  • *Miss my friend- shameema.
  • Miss the ‘no homework’ school.
  • Miss the Islamic environment.
  • Miss the field trips.
  • Miss Aneesa Aunty, Aysha Aunty, & Barvin Aunty.

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