Thursday 31 August 2017

Ancient Pottery workshop

2nd Pre History workshop at the Sharma Centre for Heritage Education. This time the workshop was on Pottery. The children had to put back pottery shards to reconstruct pots. They made pots using different techniques like pinching, slab building and coiling. They were fascinated to discover that Roman, Chinese and Persian pottery was discovered in Tamil Nadu testifying to a trade between these empires. They learned about burial urns found in Tamil Nadu.
Frankly one workshop at the Sharma Centre teaches more than a whole month of history. Beautifully designed workshops with a good blend of lecture and hands on.
Pity the poor kids who have to sit in a boring class to learn this fascinating stuff. Schools - please contact the Centre and organise these workshops for your kids.
Again, a big shout out to Shanti Pappu and her team.

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