Friday, 30 June 2017

Talk by Nomad-Hitchhiker, Ansh Mishra

Incredible talk at Al Qamar by Ansh Mishra - the nomad hitchhiker who is travelling throughout India - without a penny in his pocket. After travelling through 9 states and 3 Union Territories, Ansh arrived in Chennai.
He held us spellbound with his narrative on why he embarked on this incredible journey after setting himself a challenge of not using money, not even accepting money from anyone. How he's hitchhiked on bicycles, cars, trucks. Most eye opening and heartening were his tales on how at every stage people came forth to help, give shelter, food and a ride. How he's made friends, and experienced kindness which seems a rarity in today's environment.
A not to be missed experience! We felt we were travelling along him as he described the blackness of the Thar nights, the sweetness of the Gujarati dhal, the Kerala rain, the warm welcome of the Tamilians.

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