Wednesday 15 February 2017

EI Asset 2016-17 results declared

MashaAllah - our students did us proud again this year in the EI Asset examination - a national exam to measure learning outcomes in English, Maths and Science. With about 3.5 lakh students taking this exam across India, we are thrilled to see our students once again rank amongst the top.

In brief:

3 Overall Outstanding performances - Safwan Samsudeeen, Grade 4, Hani Malang Grade 6, Aisha Jamal, Grade 10 (Outstanding - rank in the top 1% )

Subject Outstanding (top 1%) - Aisha Jamal - English, Science, Hani Malang, Abdurrahman Jamal & Aamina Akmal - English.

5 Distinguished Performances - Hanan Samsudeen, Grade 3, Abdurrahman Jamal & Aamina Akmal, Grade 7, Nusaibah Anas, Grade 9, Sumaiyya Anas, Grade 10. (Distinguished - rank in the top 5%)

10 Creditable Performances - Khadijah Sattar, Grade 3, Aahil Syed, Ameeth Ahamed, Abdul Majid Syed, Anam Fathima, Mariam Akbar, Shaheel Faizal Grade 4, Zaynab Anas, Grade 6, Huda Sultana, Grade 7, Maryam Anas, Grade 10.

8 students have qualified for the EI Asset Talent Exam next year - Safwan Samsudeen, Aahil Syed, Mariam Akbar, Hani Malang, Iman Akbar, Zaynab Anas, Abdurrahman Jamal, Aamina Akmal by ranking in the top 10 percentile in one or more subjects.

Special Mention for Hanan Samsudeen - a 2nd grader who took the 3rd grade exam and won laurels.  Zoya Abdul Taher - another 2nd grader who took the 3rd grade exam and got ranked in the 88th percentile in Science.

21 students in English, 13 in Maths and 19 in Science are ranked in the top quartile among the 45 students who took the exam.

All praise to Allah SWT 

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