Saturday, 5 March 2016

Stellar results in EI Asset exam 2015-16

MashaAllah excellent results 4th year in a row in the EI Asset exam. Of the 31 students who took the exam across grades 3-9: 

  •  3 Overall Outstanding Performance (Ranked top 1% in their class nationwide) 
  • 4 Subject Outstanding Performances (Ranked top 1% in the subject) - 3 English & 1 Maths
  • 4 Distinguished Performances (Ranked next 5% in their class nationwide)
  • 5 Creditable Performances (Ranked next 10% in their class nationwide)
  • Half the students were ranked in the top quartile (25%) in one or more subjects (English, Maths or Science). 
The EI Asset exam is taken by about 3 lakh students in 3000 schools across India and the UAE. The results rank students in terms of percentiles ie in comparison to students in their grades across the country.

All praise to Allah SWT

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