Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Moms lecture:" Importance of the psychic development of the child"

Mrs. Shobhna Vaidyanathan, from Centre for Montessori Training, spoke to the mothers at the Mothers Monthly meeting on the importance of the psychic development of the child.  She related how all human beings have basic needs and innate instincts which help them meet their basic needs. They have a need to explore and the adapt.  Children have this programmed into them and strive to fulfill their needs and develop themselves. However adult interference impedes their growth.  "Did any of you send your child for tuition to teach it to walk?" she asked the assembled mothers. "Then why do you feel differently when the child starts going to school? Children are born learners!" She spent a lot of time answering questions from mothers. She exhorted them to let children become independent and to help their growth by doing Montessori supportive activities at home.

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